Welcome to the Unibet Brand website. If you’re here it’s because you’re about to create something cool for Unibet. Browse around and you’ll find our Brand Manual, Logos, Fonts, Photography and Templates.

Brand Manual

Our Brand Manual tells you everything you need to know about communicating Unibet. We have a few touchpoints, all of which are as important as each other. Take a look.

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The Unibet logo is our mark. It is found anywhere we communicate with our players. The logo can be used in different ways, and so can our “U” Icon. Find out how to use the logo by reading our brand manual.

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Our fonts are our handwriting. They’re unique to us, they’re what communicate our brand without seeing our logo. We have two, Unibet Pro and Roboto. If you want to know how to use these two fonts, check out our Brand Manual.

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We've found a photography style that is exclusive to Unibet and that we can be proud to call our own. We don’t like using stock images, we prefer to use Unibet images, so if you want to know what our photography style is, click below for more.

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Templates, templates, templates. They make our life easy, so lets make your life easy. If you’re about to download our templates, you’ve already read our Brand Manual… well, you should have.

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